Most buyers understand the job of a real estate or mortgage broker’s role in a transaction. However, they remain rather unaware of the one that an auto broker can play.

CherchAUTO is there to help you shop for your next car, whether new or pre-owned. With our help, you can save both time and money!

Enjoy the lowest prices, already negotiated with car manufacturers (all car makes available) and take advantage of the special rates and promotions offered at dealerships, regardless of the payment method you chose (financing, leasing, cash purchase).

CherchAUTO can meet you where you are, if desired, for the delivery of your vehicle. Whether in Québec, Trois-Rivières or Gatineau, we will be there.

Discerning shoppers love our turnkey service; especially those who don’t have the time or hate shopping and negotiating!

Our clients love the experience of buying their car in a stress-free environment, with no pressure to buy and no surprises!